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Download the app

The user looks for Blinkay in the App Store or Google Play and downloads the app.

Sign up

The user needs an e-mail address, a username and password, and to choose a preferred payment method: debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

Parking and payment

Blinkay will geolocate the vehicle. In the app, the user must enter what type of area they will park in and select the amount of time they want to park. Then they can complete the payment. We will let them know when their parking time is about to end.

Save money

Where to use Blinkay

Things happen

If you didn´t add extra time, or miscalculated the amount of time you have to get back to your car, you may find yourself ticketed. With Blinkay, you can appeal the ticket or pay from the application itself.

Don´t overpay

If you get back to your car sooner than you thought, you can get refunded for the amount of time you didn´t use but already paid. All you have to do is select the option “Leave Parking” in the app.

Need more time?

Add parking time from your phone without stopping what you´re doing, and from wherever you are.

Manage receipts

Invoices and receipts always at hand

Your customers will have their receipts stored in the app and available to download if necessary

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